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Tribù delle Noci Sonanti – living with nature in Le Marche

Yesterday it was the World Earth Day (21 April) and more and more we hear the media talking about the need to go back to a simple life, where the relationship with nature was one-to-one. What if we tell you that from end of the 80s there is someone living near our little village that..

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Olive oil from the Olive Mill Rosini in San Paolo di Jesi

If you are familiar with the “Mediterranean diet”, you know that one main ingredient in it is the extra virgin olive oil. But what is exactly an extra virgin olive oil? And how is it made? Let’s have a look at it together! In Le Marche we have a very long tradition in the olive..

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With Marchecraft into the colourful world of natural dying

In our blog there is a special section that gathers the traditions all around Le Marche. Tradition is a very misused word, because what can be exactly known as a tradition? Tradition is something that should be passed down from generations to generations, because of its preciousness and uniqueness. And this is exactly what the..

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