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Sometimes you are on your way to a destination where you unexpectedly discover a gem which is worthwhile to be examined. On the way to the Eremo of San Cataldo in Esanatoglia (see earlier), we found the castle village il Castello di Collamato high on a hill. At the entrance gate, a beautiful sign welcomed..

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Li Vurgacci: a walk with monsters

Looking for a nice but easy walk? You could even persuade your children to come along, it’s enough to say there are monsters to catch on the trail! The hiking trail is called Li Vurgacci. The park is located in Pioraco, a small municipality between Camerino and San Severino Marche. People already inhabited this place..

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Magnalonga, aka eat all day long!

You may have realized so far how tight is the bond between Le Marche and the food. Well, besides every local sagra that you can find on every summer weekend, we also have an amazing gathering with a evocative name: Magnalonga. Magna is the dialect for eat, and longa the dialect for long. You get the gist of it. The event consists..

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