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Castelli di Arcevia. Part 2: Castiglioni

Some time ago, we started to introduce 2 of the 9 “Castles” of Arcevia, Caudino and Nidastore. Since Christmas season has already started, we would like to talk about another of these “castles”: Castiglioni. This hamlet gives, indeed, its best with “Presepe dei Presepi” festivals; a display of nativity scenes all around the old village…

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Castelli di Arcevia. Part 1: Caudino and Nidastore

Arcevia is amongst the most famous villages in our region. The secret is that it is not only a village that we are referring to, rather 9 small walled villages – castelli in Italian – (we explained the word Castelli before in our blog) in the valley around it. I know, I know, this is..

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Retracing Templars’ and Popes’ steps in Avacelli

The area around Arcevia is full of hidden little treasures, that proudly bear the name of “Castelli”. Indeed, these little castles, 9 to be precise, were built in order to protect the biggest Arcevia against the attacks of Serra San Quirico. Today we are going to Avacelli, small village with very few inhabitants, but many..

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