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Olive oil from the Olive Mill Rosini in San Paolo di Jesi

If you are familiar with the “Mediterranean diet”, you know that one main ingredient in it is the extra virgin olive oil. But what is exactly an extra virgin olive oil? And how is it made? Let’s have a look at it together! In Le Marche we have a very long tradition in the olive..

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Hiking to the natural lake of Pilato

You can’t really say you are from Le Marche if you have never hiked to the famous Lago di Pilato (Pilato’s Lake). Actually, if you want to sound even more marchigiano, you should definitely call it “Pilato’s LakeS”. Indeed, this natural lake, located at 1940mt asl, presents itself sometimes as two lakes, connected only by a small stream…

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Le Marche’s canyon: Gola dell’Infernaccio

It won’t be the hot summer days to stop the hiking group of Cupramontana! What’s for sure, though, is that they will probably look for more shelter and cool places, than those sunny hot locations that they usually visit. It is the case of their last hike to the Gola dell’Infernaccio (which in English would..

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