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Ocean’s 13, Le Marche version

A treasure hunting can be unveiled only by whom has already completed it. And this was the case with Claudio Ciabochi, the publisher of the pocket guides series Le Guide in Tasca on hidden places to discover all around our area. It was thanks to him, that we visited a special place in Jesi, Palazzo..

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Will you deserve the donkey ears, you student from the 30s?

Driiiiiiiiiiiin the bell’s ringing! Tutti in classe! Time to get to class! If you can’t remember when you last heard the school bell, you should definitely experience this magical time in The School Museum in Macerata. Luckily enough, I am quite young and the materials that are exposed in this museum match only with far..

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Hold your head up, possibly with a hat from Montappone on it!

So far we only talked about food or agricultural tradition, but not mentioned that from food, grain in particular, not only pasta can be made. Today we talk about the famous “hat-art” production in Montappone, in the area of Fermo. Hats in Montappone are a synonym of long tradition and enthusiastic people, such as the..

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