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A new life for the composer Niccolò Bonanni

It’s always the same story in every noble art: we know the prodigious artist, but nobody remembers the master beyond him. Niccolò Bonanni shares the same (unlucky) destiny of many important masters: he was the teacher of the famous composer Gaspare Spontini, who would once shine at the court of Napoleon. Even music experts have rarely..

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“This lonely hill was always dear to me”

This lonely hill was always dear to me And this hedgerow, Which cuts off the view Of so much of the last horizon The hedgerow in these beautiful verses was the hedge that Giacomo Leopardi hated and loved during his youth in Recanati. The famous poet, one of the most important and literary changing author..

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The amazing life of Maria Montessori, born and bred in Le Marche

“WE CAN DO IT” celebrates girl power and women rights worldwide, and becomes very popular every 8th March, perfectly on time. Even with doubts on the legitimacy of this motto, whether on the 8th of March, or every day of the year, women must be celebrated. For their strength, stubbornness, pride, determination, dedication and love..

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