Ciao a tutti! Mi presento, sono Laura.

Well, it’s time to switch language, but it was indeed a good start for your discover tour of Le Marche. If you happen to our blog by chance, you are exactly the kind of reader we were thinking of. Our marvellous Italian region is as much beautiful as unknown to a wide audience, and this is where we try to unveil its treasures and secrets. As the slogan goes: “Le Marche: Italy in one region”. Let’s discover it all!

The We I am talking about is formed by me, Laura, and Isabelle, my Dutch counterpart. We share a common passion for this region and we are fellow citizens, although we come from different backgrounds. She landed here from Belgium almost 20 years ago, while I was born right here, here in Cupramontana, 26 years ago. This is where my story begins.

I grew up surrounded by green hills, fresh air, delicious food, stunning views, the perfect combo sea-hill-mountains and.. shall I go on? I am literally in love with my region; so much that I decided to dedicate myself to the tourism field and the management of cultural and artistic heritage. I moved to northern Italy during my university years, and everyone who has the (bad?) luck to meet me, has ultimately got bored for all the anecdotes I had about my region. I “exported” our dialect, our ways of saying, food, tradition, and of course stories about culture and history. Despite my meticoulous descriptions, all my friends could not believe their eyes, as soon as they got here: the beauty of Le Marche is to be lived in person. I can give you their names, if you don’t trust me!

Yet, the question could be: why are you writing in English? I could say, to fill in a gap in the promotion panorama of Le Marche. There is a lack of personal and local stories written in English and Dutch, regarding Le Marche. Isabelle is way better than me with Dutch, that is why I picked English. There are some German blogs, though, but the common spoken language is, so far, missing.