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Nonna Franca

Nonna (Grandma) Franca is a real connoisseur of the big, long Sunday meals that she prepares very thoroughly for all her children and grandchildren. From now on she will show us traditional recipes (and traditional tools) of Le Marche. She is from Poggio Cupro (as the whole Ecco Le Marche crew), as well. Here is..

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We are officially #Destinazionemarche Ambassadors!

Ever since I have started to study tourism subjects (especially marketing), I have always looked at Le Marche as my future field of work where, one day, I could apply my knowledge. I could totally picture myself helping the local Destination Management Organization to promote my beautiful region within the national boundaries and, more likely,..

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The “moscioli” from Portonovo

In Le Marche we have a way of identifying people “outside” our region, ask them to pronounce the word “moscioli”. The Italian grammar rule would suggest it to be pronounced as mosciòli, but it is in fact pronounced mòscioli. But what are these moscioli? They look like cozze but they are a local mussel species..

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