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The holy bonfires

Among all the Christmas traditions some of them may be in common with many other regions and, more generally speaking, with the entire Italian peninsula. However le Marche can boast one Christmas tradition that is uniquely ours: I focarò (bonfire) della Venuta (arrival). December, 10th marks the day of Our Madonna of Loreto, which celebrates..

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Le Marche in plural

Have you ever wondered the origin of a country’s name? Here’s a smattering of history to introduce you the origin of Le Marche. The history of Le Marche dates back to the Stone Age, and has undergone some extremely violent periods. The Picens were the first population to leave important traces that forged the beauty..

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A new beginning

Le Marche from two different points of view: Laura’s and Isabelle’s. We will guide you trough unique traditions, stunning landscapes, rare treasures, delicious food of this region, in centre Italy, both in English and Dutch. May our words be not enough, here is your first challenge: move across our pages, get the gist of the stories..

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