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The amazing life of Maria Montessori, born and bred in Le Marche

“WE CAN DO IT” celebrates girl power and women rights worldwide, and becomes very popular every 8th March, perfectly on time. Even with doubts on the legitimacy of this motto, whether on the 8th of March, or every day of the year, women must be celebrated. For their strength, stubbornness, pride, determination, dedication and love..

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The hard work of mezzadri

As many young adults in my region, I am a proud granddaughter of two hard-working farmers. My grandparents, and before them, my grand-grandparents, were tenant farmers or, as they were called in Italy “mezzadri”. Mezzadria was a system of feudal land tenure whereby a farmer, namely my grandparents, paid half of the farm’s produce as..

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