Month: June 2018

A new life for the composer Niccolò Bonanni

It’s always the same story in every noble art: we know the prodigious artist, but nobody remembers the master beyond him. Niccolò Bonanni shares the same (unlucky) destiny of many important masters: he was the teacher of the famous composer Gaspare Spontini, who would once shine at the court of Napoleon. Even music experts have rarely..

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Magnalonga, aka eat all day long!

You may have realized so far how tight is the bond between Le Marche and the food. Well, besides every local sagra that you can find on every summer weekend, we also have an amazing gathering with a evocative name: Magnalonga. Magna is the dialect for eat, and longa the dialect for long. You get the gist of it. The event consists..

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A little change to our calendar

Since Isabelle and I work in the tourism field, and this turns out to be a very busy season, we are going to post new articles once a week, starting from June. Precisely, you can find the new article on Thursday. But in September we will again report every Thursday and Sunday about Le Marche,..

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